Wee Bear Hug

🐻 In this unprecedented time, many of us are separated from our loved ones. Grandparents & grandkids, parents & children, friends and relatives.

🐼 Why not send them a Wee Bear Hug through the mail? A way to show someone you care and miss them, but from a distance.

🐨 You can choose your favourite bear and even include your own personalised message.

A young boy's hands holding a Wee Bear Hug
9 different Wee Bear Hugs standing in a formation
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All of the handmade bears are lovingly crafted by Red and Rosy in Sunny Scotland!

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Meet our sleuth of Bears...

🐨 Why are bears important?

This is unprecedented times, our world is in a bad way. People are unable to spend time and interact with loved ones. Unable to hug parents, children, grandparents, siblings, relatives, friends and even pets.

Wee Bear Hugs exist so you can send a wee handmade gift in the mail to show that special person you are thinking about them, even though you can't be there.

Pink & Blue Wee Bear hugs holding hands

🐻 Personalised Messages

Every Wee Bear Hug comes with its own peronalised note. You can pick from one of our ideas, or include your own!

"I miss you. Have a wee bear hug!""I sent you a bear to infect you with hugs!""Sending you a wee bear hug!""A wee bear hug from us to you, to let you know that we really miss all of you"

📷 Photos

Here is a selection of photos from our recent Wee Bear Hug requests...


Wee Hug Bears are handmade by Red and Rosy in Sunny ScotlandPostage is to the UK only (Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland)We work in a contact-free environment and take every precautionBear dimensions are approximately 9½cm x 8cmOur bears are made from felt, cotton, and fibre fillEach bear comes with a love heart on their bottom